The Tulo Centre offers workshops in areas relating to legal and administrative frameworks for markets to work on Indigenous lands. 

The Tulo Centre delivers specialized workshops for First Nation leaders, staff, potential business partners and others. These workshops take selected material from existing original curriculum and tailor it to specific topics or need. Topics in demand include First Nation property rights, interest based negotiations on specific topics such as resource development and commercial and residential development on First Nation lands. These 1-2 day workshops are developed independently by the Tulo Centre or in partnership with sponsors. 

First nation tax jurisdiction

This workshop highlights the importance of establishing First Nation tax jurisdiction including the opportunities available, how to implement First Nation property tax jurisdiction, how taxation supports First Nation economic development and improves community services and infrastructure and how to communicate about taxation with community and council. 

how to write effective briefing notes 

A briefing note is an important form of communication between the management of a First Nation government and Chief and Council. Briefing Notes are essential in providing clear and reliable information to the decision makers on specifics topics. 

Negotiating a service agreement 

This workshop provides an overview of the important steps and information required to negotiate a service agreement. Topics include standard elements of service agreements, interest based negotiations, services and pricing, case study, strategy and next steps.