The Tulo Centre's vision is to lead the way in assisting indigenous governments to break through economic barriers and participate in the market economy. 

The Tulo Centre is a Canadian charitable organization whose mission is to assist interested First Nations in building legal and administrative frameworks that support markets on their lands. Incorporated on January 31, 2008, the Tulo Centre was established to deliver education programs and conduct research in the areas of First Nation public administration. 


The Tulo Centre was founded by C.T. Manny Jules, the Chief Commissioner of the First Nations Tax Commission. The idea arose from a ten-year research project to understand how to support the development of First Nation economies and help expand the First Nation property tax base. The research was also undertaken to support the evolution of the ITAB into the First Nations Tax Commission.

This project is a systematic study into the role of the public sector in accounting for the inadequate First Nation investment climate. 

Tulo CentrE Beginnings 

A number of First Nations would like to develop their lands. Many of them cannot do so because under the current system it costs four to six times more to develop First Nation lands than it does to develop non-First Nation lands.

Tulo was established to transfer the knowledge, sample laws and administrative best practices to reduce these costs so First Nations are no longer at a competitive disadvantage.  





The pictograph is a traditional Shuswap art form, shared by many indigenous cultures across North America and the ancient world. Red ochre was painted on carefully chosen rocks or places of significance to create stylized representations of the natural world or aspects of humanity and spirituality.

The logo of the Tulo Centre of Indigenous Economics features an eagle flying in the sky, represented in pictograph style. The eagle is traditionally acknowledged as one that has a high enough vantage point to see future potential and opportunities, leading others on the path of strength and wisdom. Tulo, grounded in history, strives to be an institution that offers education opportunities, imparting experience, creating capacity and leading the way to rebuild the First Nation market economy.