The Tulo Centre delivers programs that offer communities the tools to generate profit and long-term prosperity that will serve for generations. 


I am excited because of the new ways I can contribute to my Nation. Now that I have finished the program, it means I can bring new opportunties that will not only maximize the benefits of the land, but ultimately, help our band membership onto a path of prosperity.
— Tulo Graduate, Class of 2010

FNTC Bursary Program

for the certificate programs in first nation tax administration and applied economics

The objective of the First Nations Tax Commission (FNTC) Education program is to promote an understanding of the real property taxation systems of First Nations in Canada, develop training programs for First Nation real property tax administrators, and to build capacity in First Nations to administer their taxation system. 

The FNTC has developed a student bursary program to provide financial support to property tax administrators working for First Nations in Canada to attend courses in property tax administration and First Nation economics. 

Tulo Centre Bursary Program

For the Certificate in First Nation Applied Lands Management

The Tulo Centre of Indigenous Economics has developed a partnership with Thompson Rivers University to provide students with an accredited education program that results in an understanding of First Nation applied lands management.

The Tulo Centre has developed a student bursary program to provide financial support to lands department employees working in First Nations in Canada.