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APEC 2700: Economic Feasibility and Impact Analysis

Students examine cost–benefit analysis and how it can be used to evaluate the economic
feasibility and impact of investments on First Nations lands. Knowledge and skills relating to the time value of money and basic statistical concepts will be developed. Topics include the investment climate and economic strategies; fiscal benefits estimates; estimating economic impacts of investment; cost-benefit analysis fundamentals; and presentation of a cost-benefit assessment.
Pre-requisite: Grades of C+ or better in Math 11 or Applications of Math 12, or MATH 051, or equivalent; ECON 122 (grade of C- or better) or ECON 190 or ECON 195 (grade of C- or better) 

This is an on-campus class in Kamloops. 

This is the last course of the Certificate in First Nation Applied Economics program.