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WEBINAR: A Beginner's Guide to Risk Management

This webinar is designed for First Nation governments who want to learn about the importance of identifying potential risks and how to develop and implement an effective Risk Management process to achieve their organizational objectives and maximize their success. This is an introductory webinar, providing an overview of the First Nations Financial Management Board's new guidebook: "A Beginner's Guide to Risk Management". The guidebook walks the administration through the process of identifying risks and developing a Risk Management plan by providing an approach and template for effective risk management.

There are 2 webinars scheduled for this day, one starting at 10:30am and the next starting at 1:30pm. Please click the orange button below to register. 

The First Nations Financial Management Board is an Aboriginal institution that provides a suite of financial management tools and services to First Nations governments seeking to strengthen their fiscal stewardship and accountability regime and develop necessary capacity to meet their expanding fiscal and financial management requirements.

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