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ECON 2630: Issues in Aboriginal Economics

The purpose of this course is to provide an overview of the First Nations’ economic issues. Examples of the types of issues that will be covered are: 1) what are the economic reasons for First Nations’ poverty? 2) why are there so many incidents of market failures within First Nations? 3) is there an economic rationale for implementing First Nations’ rights and title? and 4) is a third order of government economically feasible for First Nations? This course will benefit the student interested in First Nations’ issues, the student interested in working with First Nations, and any student interested in international trade or business ventures where indigenous interests may be involved.
Pre-requisite: ECON 122 or ECON 190 or ECON 195 (grades of C- or better), or permission of the instructor 

This class is delivered on-line. 

This is the second course of the Certificate in First Nation Applied Economics program.