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Workshop: Expanding FMA Tax Systems to Support a Jurisdiction Based Fiscal Relationship

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The workshop presented by the Tulo Centre and the First Nations Tax Commission focuses on expanding FMA tax systems to support a jurisdiction based fiscal relationship. It will discuss how the fiscal relationship impacts the independence of First Nation jurisdictions. Key topics covered include:

  • History of First Nation fiscal relationship
  • Problems with the current First Nation fiscal relationship
  • Proposals to improve the fiscal relationship
  • Opportunities to expand First Nation tax jurisdiction
  • FMA tax options
  • Resource taxes
  • Cannabis and Tobacco taxes
  • A Jurisdiction Based Fiscal Relationship Proposal
  • Requirement and opportunities for a new fiscal relationship

This workshop is designed for First Nations and others interested in expanding their tax jurisdictions and working towards a jurisdiction based fiscal relationship. It may also be of interested to those participating in the AFN and INAC discussions about a new fiscal relationship.

Limited travel assistance available.

LRISLING@FNTC.CA OR 250-828-9857