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First Nation Fiscal Relationship and Economic Development, APEC 2670

Students will examine how current First Nation fiscal relationships limit economic growth and development in their communities and the changes that can be made to current public finance policies and systems to address this concern. Students will be introduced to the key knowledge and skills necessary to participate in negotiating a new First Nation fiscal relationship and to help successfully implement it in their communities. Topics include public finance in Canada; the history of the First Nation fiscal relationship; problems with the First Nation fiscal relationship; options to improve the First Nation fiscal relationship; and First Nation and other government public finance and fiscal interests. The capstone of the course is a First Nation fiscal relations negotiation simulation and role play.
3 credits. Prerequisites: Introduction to Basic Economics or both ECON 1900 and ECON 1950

This is an on-campus class in Kamloops, BC.

This is the fifth course of the Certificate in First Nation Applied Economics program