The Property Tax Administration System (TAS) is a simple and powerful administrative tool to help tax administrators efficiently manage the complete annual property tax cycle. 


Regularly scheduled monthly webinars are available free of charge. Join a webinar to see a demonstration on how TAS can assist in the tax administration process, to receive general training in the functions and procedures in TAS, and to connect with other tax administrators.


In-depth and formal training for the Tax Administration System is available through the Tulo Centre of Indigenous Economics course APEC 1640 Administration: Tax Notices, Collecting and Enforcement. This course is part of the Certificate in First Nation Tax Administration accredited program. 

The course is about managing a First Nation and/or local government tax administration system. It focuses on taxpayer notification, and local revenue billing, collecting and enforcement. Best practices from systems across Canada will be presented along with the regulatory requirements associated with the First Nations Fiscal Management Act (FMA). A substantial portion of the course will be devoted to using the Property Tax Administration System (TAS) specialized software designed for local revenue administration. Prerequisites: An Introduction to First Nation Taxation 

Development History

The First Nations Tax Commission (FNTC) developed the first version of TAS in 2007 and now there is a successful  software program to support the administration of the First Nations tax system. This project has included the participation of FNTC staff, many tax administrators and other professionals who came together with a common purpose:  to create administration software that works, is user friendly and will support the First Nations tax system for the long term. TAS has been designed to help First Nations tax administrations accurately implement legislative requirements and maintain compliance with FNTC policies and standards.