Open Textbook: Building a Competitive First Nation Investment Climate

This is the first edition of the open text book Building a Competitive Investment Climate on First Nation Lands. It is the first open text book on this subject. We use it in two of our 3 credit courses – Residential and Commercial Development on First Nation Lands (Applied Economics 264) and Facilitating Investment on First Nations Lands (Applied Economics 265). 

It is an open text book in two ways. First, anyone can use it as a resource on how to create the administrative, fiscal and legal framework to support markets on First Nations and in some cases tribal lands. If you take our courses this text is complimented with learning activities, instructive role plays and assignments. If you would like to use this text for another course we ask that you contact to discuss partnership opportunities. 

This text is also open because we invite comments to improve and enhance it. We are particularly interested in case studies that are relevant to particular topics. In the near future we will be releasing a supplementary case study chapter to enhance this text for students of this subject. Your comments and suggestions can be sent to

We hope you enjoy reading this text book and find it helpful. Click on link to download: 

Our purpose is to help tribes and First Nations fill these gaps preventing us from participating in the economy. Our purpose is to provide the knowledge and skills to develop our laws, establish our property rights, generate independent revenues to build infrastructure and lower the costs of doing business on our lands. We want to learn from and share our successes.
— Chief Michael Lebourdais of the Whispering Pines/Clinton Indian Band and Tulo Centre Chair


  1. Introducing Institutional and Indigenous Economics
  2. The Investment Climate and Transaction Costs 
  3. Establishing Property Rights Systems to Facilitate Investment
  4. The Legal Framework to Support Investment 
  5. Elements of a Competitive First Nation Investment Climate: Fiscal Framework 
  6. Elements of a Competitive First Nation Investment Climate: Building Infrastructure 
  7. Elements of a Competitive First Nation Investment Climate: Administrative Framework