The Tulo Centre offers webinars in focused areas relating to property tax administration. 

Tulo Centre webinars are short and focused on specific topics. Webinars are accessible through the internet and include a live presentation and interaction between the facilitators and participants. The webinars allow participants to expand their skills and knowledge base through a convenient and efficient means.

Tax administration system

The Tax Administration System (TAS) is a simple and powerful administrative tool designed to help tax administrators efficiently manage the complete annual tax cycle. This webinar introduces participants to TAS, reviews the main functions and provides an overview how TAS could be helpful to tax administrators.  

Annual Law and By-law Updates 

Each year the First Nations Tax Commission updates the annual sample laws and by-laws to reflect current best practices and updates to policy. The FNTC releases an Annual Bulletin to assist First Nations and their tax administrators in the development of annual laws and by-laws. This webinar provides an overview of this bulletin, the updates, the changes and new requirements. 

First Nation Success Story 

The Tulo Centre invites First Nations to tell their own success story, providing a background and overview to the secret of their success. Participants will be provided with an inside look into the projects and vision of the featured First Nation, and will have the opportunity to ask questions. 

First Nation Property Tax Jurisdiction 

This webinar is designed for First Nations who are beginning to look at what First Nation Property Tax Jurisdiction could mean for their community. This is an introductory webinar, providing an overview of the basics.