The Tulo Centre delivers programs that offer communities the tools to generate revenue and long-term prosperity that will serve for generations.

"Tulo" is the Chinook word for “earned profit”. Historically, Chinook was the language of trade used by First Nations on the west coast of the Americas. At the Tulo Centre of Indigenous Economics, we are sharing the language of economic prosperity. 

The Tulo Centre education experience: 

  • flexible programming and original curriculum 
  • developed and taught by industry leaders
  • based on real case studies and real world experience 
  • modern activity-based learning 
  • transfer skills, knowledge and best practices 
  • courses are designed to leave students with practical knowledge and confidence

We have different levels of instruction available including webinars, presentations, workshops and university accredited certificate programs.  

The Tulo Centre program provided me with, not only increased knowledge and practical skills in tax administration, but also more confidence in communicating with Chief and Council and other stakeholders.
— Tulo Centre Graduate, Class of 2013

The Tulo Centre is a Canadian charitable organization whose mission is to assist interested First Nations in building legal and administrative frameworks that support markets on their lands. Incorporated on January 31, 2008, the Tulo Centre was established to deliver education programs and conduct research in the areas of First Nation taxation, public finance, public administration and economic.